AVS Color Match Low Profile Vent Visors

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  • Color match vent visors
  • Protection from sun and wind noise
  • Sold in sets of four with a custom fit design
  • Easy to install & car wash safe
  • Made in the USA
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    • Color match vent visors that are painted to match your vehicle's factory color
    • They allow circulation of air and reduce mirror fogging
    • They offer protection from sun rays and reduce the wind noise
    • Sold in sets of four for both driver and passenger mirrors
    • Custom-fit design to match your vehicle's specific application
    • Can be easily and safely cleaned at the car wash
    • Easy in-channel installation with 3M adhesive tape
    • Made with premium grade material to last long
    • Manufacturer's guarantee of quality
    • Made in the USA with superior technology in an economy-building industry

    Color match vent visors

    The AVS color match vent visors are made to match your vehicle's specific color. They are painted to match the exact shade of your car, giving it a smooth factory look. Additionally, they have a low-profile design for a sleek look.

    Circulation and reduced mirror fogging

    They also allow you to crack the window open for improved circulation and fresh air. They let out stale air and heat, helping you cool your car's interior while reducing mirror fogging for a clearer view.

    Protection from sun and wind noise

    The vent visors shade you from the sun, helping you drive more comfortably and have a clearer vision. They also reduce wind noise when the car window is open, making the interior quieter.

    Sold in sets of four

    The AVS color match vent shades are sold in sets of four: each for both driver and passenger windows.

    Custom-fit design

    They are designed to suit your vehicle's specifications. Just select your vehicle at the top of this page to order for a perfect fit.

    Car wash safe

    You can clean them easily with water, a little scrubbing, and mild detergent at a car wash. They are chemical resistant, so you don't have to worry about corrosion.

    Easy to install

    The AVS color match vent visors are easy to install. They install inside the window channels, and all you have to do is tape them on firmly with adhesive 3D tape.

    Made with premium grade material

    The manufacturer crafts the vent visors out of the most durable high impact acrylic. It is UV and scratch-resistant to last long without cracking, fading chalking, dulling, or corroding. The vent visors will add value to your vehicle for years before the slightest sign of aging.

    3 year warranty

    AVS provides a 3 year warranty for every purchase of the vent visors. It a guarantee of quality and expert craftsmanship. PartCatalog is an authorized seller, and we will assist you if you need any help with your warranty.

    Made in the USA

    The AVS color match vent visors are made in the USA with superior technology and expert crafting. They have passed strict quality standards and will certainly be worth your money.

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    This product comes with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.
    The following part numbers are available in this product line:
    894012-1D6 894012-1G3 894012-202 894012-218-A 894012-218-B 894012-40 894015-1D6 894015-1G3 894015-202 894015-218-A 894015-218-B 894015-40 894033-G1W 894033-GAN-A 894033-GAN-B 894033-GAZ 894033-GBA-A 894033-GBA-B 894033-GPA 894033-GXG 894040-G1W 894040-GAN 894040-GAN-B 894040-GAZ 894040-GBA 894040-GBA-B 894040-GPA 894040-GXG 894044-G1 894044-J7 894044-UG 894044-UH 894044-UX 894044-Z1 994003-AXR 994003-PAU 994003-PS2 994003-PW7 994003-PX8 994004-AXR 994004-PAU 994004-PS2 994004-PW7 994004-PX8 994036-1D6 994036-1G3 994036-202 994036-40
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    Chevrolet (2014-2017)

    Silverado 1500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 3500 HD

    Ford (2015-2017)


    GMC (2014-2017)

    Sierra 1500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 3500 HD

    Ram (2015-2017)


    Toyota (2015-2017)

    Tacoma, Tundra