AVS In-Channel Window Visors for Dodge/Ram [Front & Rear Set, Smoke] | AVS18891

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Fitment Info

  • AVS In-Channel Window Visors
  • Installs in your window channels
  • Allows cool air in, keeps rain out
  • Catalog Number: AVS18891
  • Fits: Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500, Dodge Ram 3500, Ram 1500, Ram 1500 Classic + 2 More (check fitment chart for compatibility)
  • Set/Pieces: Front & Rear

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AVS In-Channel Window Visors for Dodge/Ram (194109) [Front & Rear Set, Smoke]


Product Specifications:

  • Color Group: Smoke
  • Color/ Finish: Smoke
  • Installation Location: Inside Channel
  • Installation Type: Snap-In With Tape
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Quantity: Set Of 4
  • Style: Aerodynamic

Fitment Chart:

YearsMakeModelSubmodelBody TypeNotes
2021-2022Ram2500Limited LonghornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2021-2022Ram2500Limited LonghornExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2021-2022Ram3500Limited LonghornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2021-2022Ram3500Limited LonghornExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2016-2022Ram2500LimitedCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2016-2022Ram2500LimitedExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2016-2022Ram3500LimitedCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2016-2022Ram3500LimitedExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram2500Big HornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram2500Big HornExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram2500Lone StarCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram2500Lone StarExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram2500TradesmanCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram3500Big HornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram3500Big HornExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram3500Lone StarCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram3500Lone StarExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2013-2022Ram3500TradesmanCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram2500LaramieCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram2500LaramieExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram2500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram2500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram2500Power WagonCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram3500LaramieCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2022Ram3500LaramieExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2021Ram1500 ClassicNight EditionCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicExpressCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicSLTCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicSpecial ServiceCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicTradesmanCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019-2021Ram1500 ClassicWarlockCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019-2020Ram1500 ClassicSTCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2020Ram2500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2020Ram2500Laramie LimitedExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2020Ram3500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2020Ram3500Laramie LimitedExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2020Ram3500Laramie LonghornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2020Ram3500Laramie LonghornExtended Crew Cab PickupSmoke
2019Ram1500 ClassicBig HornCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019Ram1500 ClassicLaramieCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019Ram1500 ClassicLone StarCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2019Ram1500 ClassicSXT PlusCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2015-2018Ram1500LimitedCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2015-2018Ram1500RebelCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2018Ram1500Laramie LimitedCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2018Ram1500Lone StarCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2014-2018Ram1500Special ServiceCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2012-2018Ram1500ExpressCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2012-2018Ram1500TradesmanCrew Cab PickupSmoke
2011-2018Ram1500Big HornCrew Cab PickupSmoke


In channel window deflectors

Dodge Ram 1500 window deflectors

The AVS in-channel window deflectors (set #194109) are installed in the Dodge Ram 1500 window channels for better visibility and reduced wind noise. When installed correctly, you won't have to deal with side mirror obstruction or any exterior tape touching the vehicle.

Protection from wind, rain, snow and high temperatures

Protection from wind, rain, snow and high temperatures

The visors offer excellent protection against rain and snow. They let in the fresh air and keep the car cool in hot weather. They also keep the sun out in the rear and front windows.

Custom made for a perfect fit

Custom made for your Dodge Ram 1500

The Auto Vent shade window deflectors are custom made for your vehicle model for a perfect fit. They are cut with high precision to make sure that they are not an inch too small or too big for your windows.

Sleek, streamlined design

Sleek, streamlined design

The AVS in-channel window deflectors are designed to look great with a sleek design. They are streamlined for not just the classic look but also to reduce aerodynamic drag on the truck. They reduce wind noise for more peaceful driving.

Smoke finish

Smoke color finish

These window visors come in a smoke finish which look great on your Dodge Ram 1500. It matches well with any car decor and is guaranteed to look great on your car and front window regardless of their color.

Easy mount-on installation

Easy mount-on installation

The window deflectors are easy to install and mount, and are secured with 3M tape that comes with the package. You don't need to drill into your Dodge Ram 1500. They also come with detailed installation instructions to help you install it quickly.

High quality material

High quality material

Set 194109 is made with high-quality impact-resistant acrylic material that is guaranteed to serve you for years through harsh environmental factors. They are flexible and made to last years.

Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

AVS provides you with a limited lifetime warranty on every purchase of the vent visors. You are covered from every cost that may arise from defective parts or materials. The warranty is included with purchases from authorized retailers (us!)

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

The AVS in-channel window deflectors are proudly made in the USA. They are authentic, made with high-quality materials and processed with cutting-edge technology. The craftsmen are highly skilled with considerable experience in the industry.

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