Dodge Ram 1500 Floor Mats & Liners

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Popular WeatherTech Floor Mat Sets

The Dodge Ram is fine for running errands in the city, but, much like the whale in Free Willy , it deserves to be freed from captivity and explore its true habitat.

That true habitat for your Ram is, of course, a few miles out of city, past the suburbs, into what wild lands are still left in this paved-over nation. Take your Ram out for a spin in the dirt and the mud. But when you do so, know that you should have custom-fit floor mats instead of just stock floor mats. Off-road excursions will often result in some of that mud making its way back into your truck, and stock floor mats have gaps where mud can get through. This is difficult to clean, and can even set as permanent stains, which can lower the resale value of your Ram. Custom-fit floor mats don’t have any gaps, they fit perfectly, so the mud is contained, easy to clean, and no stains are made.