Ford Expedition Running Boards

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Does a Ford Expedition need a set of step bars?

To a lot of people, the Ford Expedition is a large SUV with a high step to get into the vehicle. Many Expeditions already come with a set of factory step bars installed, but some don't or have rusted out.

A set of step bars will help your passengers get in and out of your Expedition with ease, making it a comfortable ride for everyone. This is especially helpful for younger or older passengers, or passengers that just need a little extra help.

What's the best set of step bars for an Expedition?

Unless you have added oversized tires, we would recommend going with a standard set of running boards or a 3" step bar. This is the perfect size to be helpful, but without looking too large or out of place.

If your Ford Expedition has oversized tires, you may want to consider a larger step bar. This will give your passengers an even larger foothold, and will look more seamless with larger tires.

Stainless steel is the standard when it comes to an Expedition, no matter what color your SUV is. The stainless steel will accent any stainless steel or chrome trim you have. If you have a black Expedition, you may also want to consider a set of black step bars.

Do I need a separate mount kit for my Expedition?

The mount kit is only required if you order a set of multi-fit or universal fit step bars, such as the Westin Sure-Grip or Lund Multi-Fit. If an Expedition-specific mount kit is required, our product description will indicate this.

The mount kit is included with all custom fit step bars, such as the Westin Signature Series, E-Series, and Premier Series. With these bars your order will come with everything you need to install the Expedition step bars on to your SUV, including a full set of detailed installation instructions.

Do you have Expedition replacement step pads?

We do not carry any step pads on their own. If your order was placed with us, please contact us and we will do our best to help you with warranty support. We will work with the manufacturer to see if it's covered and secure a replacement set of step pads.

If your order was not placed with us, we would recommend contacting either the manufacturer or retailer it was purchased from for warranty support.

How fast will I get my Expedition running boards?

All products that you see on our website are in stock and ready to ship. We do not list out of stock or backorder step bars. If you see it on our website and are able to add it to your cart, it is on the shelf and ready to ship out to you.

We ship all step bars the same business day, as long as it's ordered before the shipping cut-off time. This is usually around 3pm local time.

Most orders are delivered in 2-3 business days, so you will get them fast! Best of all, we ship completely free. You will not pay any shipping fees when ordering with us.