GMC Sierra 1500 Floor Mats & Liners

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Popular WeatherTech Floor Mat Sets

The GMC Sierra isn’t just a truck, it’s a truck that can really do some work, putting “trucks” like the Ford Ranger to shame (the Ranger can tow up 3,100 lb. The Sierra? 9,700 lbs.)

All that heavy-duty work will bring with it some heavy-duty mess into the interior of your Sierra. If you only have stock floor mats, well, some of the dirt will make its way to the true floor of your truck. It’s a pain to clean up, and it can set stains that will lower the resale value of your Sierra. Upgrade those stock floor mats with some custom-fit floor mats, which are designed specifically for your truck for the perfect fit. The dirt stays off your floor and no stains are set.