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GMC Yukon / Yukon XL Fender Flares

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Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

What set looks the best on the GMC Yukon?

We think the Bushwacker OE style looks the best on the GMC Yukon. This set will be the best set for most people. On the GMC Yukon these flares look especially nice, and really completely the Yukon's look. These are also a good option if your factory fender flares became damaged or otherwise need replacement.

If you want an aggressive look for your Yukon, the Bushwacker Pocket style is a really good option. The pocket bolts are just for looks, it actually secures to your fender flares under the wheel wells.

What are the universal flares?

The Husky universal fender flares are a cheap and cost effective way to give your GMC Yukon tire coverage.

These are best on older GMC Yukons, and are not recommended for most people. These universal flares are about $100 for a full set of 4, and come on a roll. You will need to trim the flares to your desired length, and then drill into your Yukon to install.

The universal flares will give your Yukon some extra tire coverage, but it doesn't have any height to them. This means it's not a good option if you are trying to cover up rust.

The universal flares are mainly meant for custom applications or if there are no other custom fender flares available for your vehicle.

Which set will best hide rust?

The Bushwacker Pocket Style or the Bushwacker Extend-A-Fender flare set will be the tallest flare, meaning it will hide more rust than the others.

However, with the GMC specifically, the OE flares still have a good amount of height to them. Our product page will display the tire height for each fender flare, so you can make sure that your selected flare set will be tall enough to cover your rust.

One word of warning, if the rust interferes with the installation mount locations, you may need to do a custom installation with self tapping screws or drilling.

How much are GMC Yukon fender flares?

The price ranges between $358-515 for a complete set of four flares, including shipping. The price depends on the year of your GMC Yukon, and which brand/style you are ordering.

The Bushwacker fender flares are on the higher end, but are also some of the most popular fender flares for the Yukon. Between the quality product, detailed installation instructions, perfect fitment, and warranty, the Bushwacker set is one of the best you'll be able to find.

How fast can I get these Yukon fender flares?

Every in stock Yukon fender flare you see will be shipped the same business day. If you order past our shipping cut-off time (normally around 3pm local time), your order will ship the next business day.

In most cases your order will be delivered in 2-3 business days. As soon as it's out the door we'll send you an email with tracking information, so you can track your Yukon fender flares to your doorstep.

If you order today, you'll have them delivered and installed in no time!