Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats by MAXpider (Fits 2018-2022)

Fits perfectly in my Model 3, and even my detailer was impressed. - Christopher H.
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  • 3D MAXpider All-Weather Rubber Floor Mats
  • #1 top rated floor mats for the Tesla Model 3
  • Minimalist design matches Tesla vehicles more than any other
  • Fits the Model 3 perfectly, from edge to edge
  • All-weather floor mats perfect for snow, rain and mud
  • Extremely easy to clean with a water hose or towel

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#1 in our Top Tesla Model 3 Accessories Ultimate Guide

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Check out this Model 3 review from one of our customers:

Why are these better than the mats that come with the Model 3?

The mats that come in your new Model 3 are carpet and are not made for weather. It a bit difficult to keep carpet clean, so it’s very easy for your carpet mats to be constantly soiled.

The MAXpider liners are heavier duty, made of rubber, and have raised edges to contain mud, snow, water, etc. When you need to clean it, all you need to do is hose it down, dry it off (or let it air dry), and put it back in your Model 3.

If you live in a snowy environment, have kids, regularly spill your food or coffee, or have frequent passengers, the MAXpider liners are a must and will save you from a lot of headaches.

Plus, the MAXpider liners complement the Model 3 VERY well – they have an understated look, and since they are black they match both the black and white interiors very well.

Are these Model 3 mats heavy?

You will probably be surprised when you open your box of Model 3 floor mats, that the liners are really lightweight. Don’t let this fool you – these are high quality and will last as long as you have your Model 3. These are made with high quality materials.

On the contrary, we’ve seen other brands that are “heavier” but are a very low quality (we don’t sell those).

The weight of the liners doesn’t necessarily indicate the quality… these Tesla Model 3 mats are proof of that!

Do these floor mats shift around?

No, not at all. They fit VERY snug, and also have a velcro-like backing that further prevent shifting around.

Why haven’t I heard of these?

Chances are this is the first time you’ve heard of MAXpider or the Model 3 MAXpider liners.

MAXpider isn’t as well-known as some of the major brands, but they are quickly gaining traction as one of the leaders in high quality, custom fit floor liners.

We’ve sold this brand for several years, and have been nothing but pleased with these liners. If you have any other vehicles, MAXpider also makes these sets for several hundred other vehicles. We may have a set for your other vehicles as well.

Do you have the matching trunk & frunk liner?

Yes, we do – please see here:

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Do you carry any other accessories for the Model 3?

Take a look at our Top Tesla Model 3 Accessories Ultimate Guide. We keep this guide updated with our favorite Model 3 products.

Can I remove the logo?

The vast majority of people are fine with the 3D logo in the corner of the mat, but a few people have expressed concern that they want a more “minimalist” mat and have asked about options to remove the logo.

It’s not advisable to remove the logo, and it will leave an imprint in the mat if you do so. Additionally, if you remove the logo there are 2 small holes that would need to be plugged so that liquids do not drip into your carpet below. This can also void your manufacturer’s warranty.

Some people have chosen to use a sharpie to black out the logo (though it will need to be re-applied every once in a while), use plastidip, etc.

We’ve also heard from a lot of people that they love the 3D logo since it happens to also be an acronym for “3 Dual” for dual motor vehicles.

As mentioned though, the vast majority of people are completely happy with the liners just how they come. We’ve sold thousands of these liners for both Model 3 owners, and for hundreds of other vehicles, and the logo is a very minor concern.

  • 100% Protection - MAXpider mats are perfectly designed to match your vehicle - protect your vehicle's floors without worry
  • 100% Durable - the KAGU (rubber) mats have a unique, durable texture surface that will not deform over time
  • 100% Dirt Proof - tell the mud, snow, dirt, water, or even grease who's boss by preventing it from dirtying your interior
  • Anti-Skid Safe - anti-skid technology on the bottom prevents your mats from skidding, providing extra comfort in the safety of your vehicle

Low profile for your Tesla Model 3

  • Perfect fit - precision engineered
  • Raised edges to help contain spills
  • Manufactured to last lifetime of vehicle

The unique carbon fiber print of these floor liners create an elegant and unique look, which is the perfect look for your new Tesla Model 3. Unlike traditional floor mats that look "rubbery" or made for truck owners, these floor liners perfectly complement luxury vehicles. With patterns for hundreds of vehicles, the MAXpider floor liners are our highest rated floor liners with over 500 reviews and an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 from our verified customers.

As you can see in our reviews, the Tesla Model 3 floor liners also carry a 4.8 out of 5 stars from verified customers.

Available in black

Unique carbon fiber design

  • Mud and grime will scrape away easily
  • Classy, elegant & unique look for your Model 3

Made with a unique carbon fiber print, mud and grime will scrape away easily. The design gives a classy, look to classic floor liner designs. Also available for the Model S and Model X, these floor liners are a favorite with Tesla car owners.

Unique carbon fiber design

Easy to clean

  • Spray with a water hose
  • Use car wash detergent for deeper clean

Just spray with a hose. The raised edges of the floor liners keep the dirt, mud and snow contained on your floor liner, helping to keep your original carpets protected. When you need to clean the floor liners, just take them out and spray them with a hose. For a deeper clean, normal car wash detergent will work.

Easy to clean

Anti-skid backing

  • Fiber bottom keeps mats from shifting
  • Patented anti-skid technology

MAXpider's patented bottom layer's anti-skid technology prevents it from shifting - keeping you and your passengers safe from any mat-moving accidents without damaging your interior's original carpet. Additionally, these floor liners are custom fit and fit right against the walls, further helping the floor liners stay in place.

Anti-skid backing
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U-ACE, Inc. guarantees to the original purchaser of 3D brand products that they will not break or tear under normal usage during the life of the motor vehicle in/on which they are installed. This warranty shall only be effective while the original purchaser owns the motor vehicle and shall not apply to 3D brand products that have been removed from the original vehicle on which they were installed. This warranty applies only to those parts that are correctly installed in/on the vehicle for which they were intended.

U-ACE, Inc. will warrant any part during the warranty period that proves defective in material and/or workmanship under normal installation, use, service, or maintenance. Return alleged defective part to the place of purchase for replacement or refund. Please have a copy of your purchase receipt available when you call. The foregoing is the only express warranty made by the manufacturer and is limited to the duration of this warranty. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY. LABOR CHARGES, INJURIES, OR ANY OTHER LOSS OR DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING THOSE INCURRED IN INSTALLATION ARE EXCLUDED. ADDITIONALLY, PAINTING OF REPLACEMENT 3D PARTS AND ANY VEHICLE COMPONENT REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT AS WELL AS INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARE EXCLUDED.

This warranty is void for damages to the product due to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or any use that violates the instructions furnished by us.

ABNORMAL WEAR AND TEAR ARE NOT COVERED UNDER THIS WARRANTY. For example if you shut your 3D brand in the door of your vehicle, damage to the liner and/or door are not covered. Commonplace, every day wear on a particular product is considered normal, and is not covered under warranty repair.


To purchase this product for your vehicle, please select the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle at the top of this page.

Additional fitment notes may be available for your vehicle. Please verify fitment by selecting your vehicle at the top of this page.

  • 2018 Tesla

    • Model 3

Reviews From Verified Customers

Tesla floor mats
Review by Robert M.
My son was thrilled with this gift
Almost perfect
Review by Prasert L.
Front passenger side left side towards where the left foot would be, there is a little folded up gap.. adjusting the mat a few times but still there.
Other than that, it does what its told. Looks good with the car (red/black)

** Response from PartCatalog **
Glad you are liking these liners! Regarding your issue, this is a simple fix. It's due to a quality control issue with Tesla, they are not lining one of the side panels correctly in the front passenger side. It is a very easy fix though, you just need to pop the panel back in. I just sent you an email with instructions and some photos on what to do. It is a 3 second fix. Thank you!
Review by Eric Cruz
I didn’t receive it yet.
What I got so far was good.
Review by Francesco G.
The product is very nice and the shipping time was prompt. The exception being that half my order is back ordered. Would have liked to have been informed of that at time of purchase.

*Response from PartCatalog*
Happy to hear you are enjoying these floor liners! When these go on backorder, we have the ETAs for each set listed just above the Add to Cart button when you are making your selections. I sincerely apologize if this was missed. We'll send you an update as soon as the rest of your order ships out. Thank you!
Great service
Review by Paul Diamond
The BEST mats to match the ones I already have and love in my cabin. Added this for the trunk. Would by these 10x's over. A great treat----
Fits great
Review by Raymond L.
Mats fit great!
Great Product and Service
Review by David M.
These floor mats are excellent! Also got them at a great price. Thanks for the wonderful service.
Looks great
Review by Richard S.
I like these mats a lot. They look good as fit well. The front passenger side mat was really difficult to get to fit properly due to a known Tesla issue. PartCatalog was very responsive to the issue and helped me to understand how to resolve it.
Great mats, tight fit on ‘21 model
Review by Zach W.
Very nice mats. Fit was not exact on 2021 model. Passenger side a bit too wide, creates small hump in mat by feet

**PartCatalog Response: We are aware of this issue in some 2021 Model 3s -- luckily it is a very easy fix! If there is a bump/bubble in the front passenger side, it is due to the side panel not being snapped in all the way (making that mat wider than the floor pan).

The side panel along the console (by the feet) just needs to be snapped back in. For some reason some newer vehicles are shipping without the panel snapped in fully. It is not a problem with the car or the mat though, and is a simple 3 second permanent fix. If you need help with this, please contact us -- we have illustrations that can help you fix this.
Mats easy to clean
Review by Jeremy C.
I got the back mats so far and they’ve been really easy to clean!

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