"Bought a full set of these for my new Model Y. They fit perfectly, are lightweight, and look fantastic." - Ken A.

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats by MAXpider (Fits 2020-2023)

81 reviews
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Fitment Info

Customizable Options:

Option 1 - Select your cabin liner

Option 2 - Select your main (upper) trunk liner

Option 3 - Select your subtrunk (lower) trunk liner

Option 4 - Select your frunk (front trunk) liner

Option 5 - Select your 2nd row seatback protector

  • #1 top rated floor mats for the Tesla Model Y
  • Minimalist design matches Tesla vehicles more than any other
  • Fits the Model Y perfectly, from edge to edge
  • All-weather floor mats perfect for snow, rain and mud
  • Extremely easy to clean with a water hose or towel

3 Year Update: Tesla Model Y MAXpider Review


It's easy to find an unboxing review of the Tesla MAXpider floor mats, but very few people are covering what these floor mats look like after years of use.

I have been using the Tesla MAXpider floor mats for 3.5 years now in my daily Tesla driver. I created the above video to show you exactly what these floor mats look like after years of use.

In the video above, you will see:

  • Why the MAXpider mats continue to be my favorite Tesla floor mat
  • What the mats look like after 3 1/2 years of use
  • How I keep them looking new and fresh (spoiler alert: it's very easy!)
  • A comparison photo of what the mats look like new vs. freshly cleaned after years of use


  • Easy to clean and keep looking new
  • Fits the minimalist look, which matches the Tesla perfectly
  • In our opinion, the best looking Tesla floor mat


  • Some people don't like the logo, though for 99% of people it is perfectly fine
  • Not the best option if you regularly wear heavy duty boots - can eventually cause a tear in the padding
  • Some people report a squishy sound when they step on them (due to the velcro-like backing), but it's not something we've ever noticed


Photos from our review

Here is a photo showing how we have used these Tesla floor mats over the past 3.5 years. This set is from our Tesla Model 3 -- the Model Y is identical, just a slightly different shape.

During the past 3.5 years of testing this product, we cleaned these mats roughly every 6 months. These were used daily, with moderately light usage, over the past few years.

This photo shows the dirt and grime that has accumulated since we last washed these mats. The photos after will show you how they look after they are cleaned up, even 3.5 years later.

Photo showing our testing of Tesla Model Y mats, before being washed

We took a brand new floor liner straight out of the box (on the left), and set it next to our freshly cleaned mat. The freshly cleaned mat is still a little wet, but you can see that it looks surprisingly great. Even after 3.5 years of usage, these test mats look like they are almost in new condition.

We have been using these mats daily, wearing mostly sneakers. Your mats may show a little more wear if you regularly wear boots.

Photo comparing a new set with a set that is over 3 years old

Finally, after washing our test mats, we put them back in the Tesla. Here you can see what they look like compleltely clean and fresh. They still look great!

Our review of Tesla floor mats installed back in vehicle

Our conclusion: for normal, everyday usage, these mats will keep looking like new. We recommend to do what we did - keep them cleaned, and wash them every few months. This way dirt does not accumulate, and small rocks/debris will not dig into the mat.

Comparable Mats

The most comparable mat to the Tesla MAXpider floor mat is the WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats. WeatherTech is the industry leader in floor mats, and is actually the OEM manufacturer for the dealership's rubber mats. The Tesla OEM mats (made by WeatherTech) are its own unique design, and not the signature DigitalFit look.

Tesla Model Y Floor Mats by MAXpider - #1 Best Rated Brand

If you’re here, you probably heard about us from a fellow Tesla owner either in person, in a Facebook group, forum, or a YouTube video. When we launched the Tesla Model 3 mats back in 2018, these immediately became extremely popular for Tesla car owners for a simple reason: these mats stick to the original intention of Tesla - to have a minimalist car that just works.

Fitment Chart:



Explanation of Options (choose above the Add to Cart button):

Option Name Coverage # Pieces Price
Option 1a Cabin Liners Front & Rear Row (2 Rows Coverage)
Fits 2021-2023
2 piece fronts, 1 long piece rear $205.09*
Option 1b Cabin Liners Front & Rear Row (3 Rows Coverage)
Fits 2021-2023, 7-Seater Only
2 piece fronts, 1 long piece 2nd row, 3 pieces 3rd row $259.09*
Option 1c Cabin Liners Front & Rear Rows (2 Rows Coverage)
Fits 2020
2 piece fronts, 1 long piece rear $205.09*
Option 2a Main Trunk Mats Upper trunk / main rear trunk
Only Fits 5 Seater
1 large mat + 2 small wing pieces $109.79*
Option 2b Main Trunk Mat Upper trunk mat with integrated 3rd row seatback protector
Only Fits 7 Seater
1 large mat $109.79*
Option 3a Lower Rear Trunk (Subtrunk) Lower rear trunk after you lift the trunk lid
Fits 5 Seater Only
2 pieces $109.79*
Option 3b Lower Rear Trunk (Subtrunk) Lower rear trunk after you lift the trunk lid
Fits 7 Seater Only
1 piece $82.39*
Option 4 Frunk Front trunk 1 small mat $91.49*
Option 5 2nd Row Seatback Mat Protects 2nd row seatback when folded down 1 piece $82.39*

*An additional 10% off will be applied in cart during sales promotions

Will the 2020 set fit the 2021?

Yes, but there is a revised set for the 2021. Tesla made a change near the front driver's side seat rails in 2021. The new 2021 is updated to better fit around the seat rails. This is the only known change in the 2021 Model Y. You can select either the 2020 cabin liners or the 2021 near the Add to Cart button.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we don't ship internationally. However we have many international Model Y customers in Canada, South Korea, and elsewhere. You will need to use a U.S. based freight forwarder. The way this works is that you ship the product to the U.S. shipping address, and they will then forward it on to you.

Is there a way to order new mats for my Model Y without the logos?

Sorry, these only come with the logo. There is someone on Etsy that sells replacement badges, if you wish to replace the badge. Please be aware that if you remove the 3D logo, there will be 2 small holes in the mat, as well as a small indentation where the logo was.

We would recommend installing these before deciding if you want to replace the logo. The logo is near the seat rails, and isn't noticeable unless you are looking for it.

How do I get the 10% off discount?

You will see the discount automatically applied once you select an option and add it to your cart.

Do you have a carpet version of this?

The manufacturer withdrew the carpet version due to issues with the material. They do plan to re-release it, but we don't have an ETA at this time.

What are the box dimensions?

Approximately 32x5x22 inches, 7 pounds.

Will these fit the 7-seater?

Everything but the main trunk mat will fit the 7 seater. MAXpider will be coming out with a trunk mat for the 7 seater, but it isn't available yet.

How many pieces is the subtrunk?

The subtrunk mat is a 2 piece set.

Are these the kagu set?

Yes, these are the kagu rubber floor liners. At this time MAXpider only makes 1 version for the Model Y, and that is the kagu rubber floor liners.


  • Fits like a glove, Tesla Model Y floor mats have complete edge-to-edge coverage
  • All weather protection, built to guard against snow, mud, rain & spills
  • Stays in place, velcro-like backing causes it not to shift around
  • Easy to clean, spend more time with the important things in life
  • Works like a tray, spills & dirt will stay on the mat when you take them out
  • Lightweight but highly durable, these mats blend in with your interior
  • Minimalist with an elegant look, made possible by the carbon fiber-like print design
  • Free shipping within the continental U.S., all orders shipping within 1 business day

Only want the trunk & frunk liners? No problem! Click here

Fits like a glove

Fits like a glove

These Model Y floor mats stick to the same minimalist mantra. They do not look commercial or rugged like many of the competitor mats. Instead, it has a minimalist, unstated look. They get noticed, but for a very good reason - not because they stick out, but because they just simply fit the Tesla perfectly - both in looks and in function.

All-weather protection

All-weather protection

When your floor mats get dirty they are extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is take them out of your vehicle, wipe the dirt off with a towel or hose it off, pat it dry (or let it air dry) and put them back in. It’s no different than any other all-weather floor mat you’ve had. Because they are custom fit, dirt has little chance of getting to your floors.

Stays in place

Stays in place

What else makes these Tesla Model Y floor mats so great? They don’t shift under your feet, and they don’t use nibs that can destroy your carpet flooring over time. Instead, the bottom has an anti-skid material - if you haven’t seen it before, it is most similar to velcro. This bottom is gentle on your carpet flooring, while at the same time using the entire surface area to prevent them from sliding around.

Easy to clean

Easy to clean

Just hose them off, or wipe them down with a rag. Seriously, that’s it! The materials used in making this mat make cleaning a breeze. If you have a stubborn spill, or something sticky on the mat, just use your standard car wash detergent.

Works like a tray

Works like a tray

Your spills will stay on the mat when you take these MAXpider rubber floor mats out of your car. Since it works like a tray, you can take them out with one hand – they won’t “flop” over, keeping your spills in place. The trunk liners are perfect for bringing groceries, plants, etc. back - if anything spills, it's very easy to clean up.

Lightweight & highly durable

Lightweight & highly durable

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you unbox these and see how lightweight they are. But don’t let that fool you – these are made to last as long as you own your Model Y. With the right materials, and multiple layers, smart engineering has produced a lightweight but highly durable mats.

Carbon fiber tread design

Carbon fiber tread design

The top layer is an elegant, carbon fiber print design. Don’t let the design fool you - these Model Y weather floor mats are still extremely easy to clean! Our staff has had these in our vehicles for many years (we sell for hundreds of other vehicles, as well) and all agree that these are just as easy to clean as leading competitor mats. Dirt, grime, mud, spills & snow -- all will wash away easily and protect your Tesla.

Warranty included

Warranty included

Since you’re purchasing from an authorized retailer, your MAXpider products will come with the manufacturer’s 3 year warranty. We've sold this brand for years, including on the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S and Model X - these have received a lot of attention due to the durability.

Customer Reviews for these Tesla Model Y floor mats

These custom fit weather floor mats have received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. We publish all reviews from verified customers - the good and the bad. All of the reviews can be read at the bottom of this page. Our Model 3 mats have received over 550 reviews and also have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Free Shipping with Quick Turnarounds

Simply select the coverage option you want above, click “Add to Cart”, complete payment (we take all major credit cards including American Express), and we’ll get your floor mats out to you within 1 business day. We have free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.

When will I receive these?

Our Model Y floor mats ship from California. Most deliveries are made in 2-3 business days, but if you live on the east coast it may take a little longer.

If you’re unsure about ordering the full Model Y set, we can recommend first ordering the front & rear floor mats. Should you decide you want to complete the entire set, you can add the Model Y trunk & frunk products at this link.

Sorry, there are no videos available.


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