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Toyota Tacoma Fender Flares

Important: To get started, click the blue "Filter Options" button to select your vehicle and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Important: To get started, select your vehicle on the left and then use the filters to narrow your options.

Why do I need Toyota Tacoma fender flares?

If you have large or oversized tires, you may be legally obligated to install a set of fender flares that provides your tires with appropriate coverage. This is to prevent your tires from kicking rocks and other road debris on to other vehicles.

A lot of Toyota Tacomas are used to go off-roading in, and fender flares can also help prevent your Tacoma from flinging loose rocks and pebbles.

From purely a looks standpoint, a set of fender flares (particularly the pocket or extended versions) make your truck look more aggressive.

Do you sell OE fender flares?

We sell OE style fender flares, which are fender flares that closely mimic the the OE/factory fender flares. These fender flares give your truck the "just off the showroom floor" look. These look great especially if your truck didn't come with fender flares, and you want your truck to have the same 'upgraded trim package' look.

The OE style fender flares are a good middle-of-the-road option if you want fender flares, but don't want an aggressive look.

What years do these Toyota Tacoma fender flares fit?

We have fender flares for the 1995 - 2022 Toyota Tacoma. We have a fender flare set for nearly every Tacoma truck on the road. Newer Toyota Tacoma's will have more options available, including from brands like Bushwacker, Husky and Lund.

The best way to find what's available for your Tacoma is to select the make/year/model using our filters above. Our website will then show you exactly what's available and in stock for your Toyota Tacoma.

What's the difference between Cut-Out and Pocket Style Tacoma fender flares?

Generally speaking, the looks of both are very similar. They both give your Tacoma an extended look and have bolts built into the flares. The bolts are just for looks, though.

The difference with cut-out fender flares is that these will usually require you to do some cutting and drilling to install them. Whereas the pocket flares (for the most part) do not require drilling to install.

To see what's available for your truck, just select the year of your Toyota Tacoma above and our website will show you what's available.

Are Toyota Tacoma fender flares worth it?

Tacoma fender flares are worth it if you have oversized tires. In fact, you might be legally required to have fender flares! A lot of state laws state that your fenders must cover the tire's width. For extra large tires that protrude from the wheel well, a set of fender flares may be required to cover the tires.

To see if fender flares are required for your truck, please contact your local DMV.

Do you sell single Tacoma fender flare replacements?

All of our fender flares come as a set of 4, with some options also sold as a set of 2 (front or rear). We do not sell single replacement flares.

If your fender flare was damaged or in an accident, typically you will need to at least purchase a set of 2 front or rear flares. In some cases you may need to purchase all 4 flares.

If your original order was placed with us, contact us and we will what we have available. We can also check with the manufacturer to see if we can arrange a single flare replacement for you.