Access Toolbox Edition Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

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  • All features of the Access® Roll Up Cover PLUS:
  • Fits most 20-21" over-the-rail toolboxes
  • Does not interfere with toolbox operation
  • Comes with premium cover limited warranty

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  • The Access Toolbox Edition is a soft roll-up tonneau cover that is easy to use and looks great on any truck
  • It projects just 1.5 inches over the truck bed for a smooth and neat look
  • It uses an automatic dual locking system that locks mechanically and opens easily
  • The cover has easy-to-use tension adjustment dials to regulate the cover's rigidity in different weather conditions
  • It locks with a reliable and secure hook and loop velcro system
  • There is a waterproof seal on all four sides of the truck
  • Impermeable gasket that seals between the toolbox and the front bulkhead
  • Strong and reliable storage straps that hold the cover when it is closed and preserves its quality
  • Firm-grip clamps on each side for easy installation with no drilling or use of special tools
  • When closed, the cover reduces wind drag and saves up to 10% on fuel costs
  • The cover is made in the USA under special technology and with durable materials for extra toughness
  • It comes with support rails at the base for holding extra weight such as snow
Soft roll-up tonneau cover

Soft roll-up tonneau cover

The Access Toolbox edition is made with particular attention to work and access to the toolbox. It is designed to fit behind a standard-size over-the-rail toolbox (19-21 inches.)
It provides unobstructed entry to the box while also protecting cargo under the truck bed. It is easy to operate, flexible and fits perfectly. It is also guaranteed to look great on the truck.


1.5" inch low profile over truck bed

The cover rises only 1.5" over the truck bed, giving it a low profile and excellent contouring. It does so without getting in the way of the toolbox. It also protects the cargo below the box, thanks to its increased capacity design.

Automatic dual locking system

Automatic dual locking system

The tonneau cover uses the AutoLatch dual locking system to secure the truck bed. The locks click in position automatically when the cover is pulled to close the truck bed. It opens when either latch is pulled.

Easy-to-use tension adjustment dials

Easy-to-use tension adjustment dials

The cover also features two tension adjustment dials that are quite easy to use. You can fine-tune the tightness of your cover to adjust to the prevailing temperatures. This helps to maintain the value of the cover.

Reliable and secure hoop and lock velcro system

Reliable and secure hoop and lock velcro system

This is a very secure locking system that includes strong velcro which latches the cover firmly to the truck bed. It is reliable and easy to operate - one person can open and close it effortlessly.

Waterproof seal on all four sides

Waterproof seal on all four sides

An impermeable waterproof gasket surrounds the truck bed and prevents any entry of water and other weather elements. This protects the truck bed and the cargo within from damage.

Impermeable sealing gasket between toolbox and front bulkhead

Impermeable sealing gasket between toolbox and front bulkhead

There is also a water-proof sealing gasket between the front bulkhead and the toolbox to prevent the entry of water to the truck bed. this prevents damage to the cargo by any weather elements that may seep in below the toolbox.

Strong and reliable storage straps

Strong and reliable storage straps

The Access Toolbox edition tonneau cover can be held in place by two durable nylon storage straps that stop it from beating against the cab. This helps to preserve the cover's quality and maintain its appeal.

Firm-grip clamps for no drill installation

Firm-grip clamps for no drill installation

The cover comes with three model-specific clamps for each side of the truck bed. They attach the cover to the bed rails without the need for drilling, additional purchases or special tools.

Reduces wind drag and saves on fuel

Reduces wind drag and saves on fuel

When closed over the truck bed, the cover reduces wind drag on the truck. This helps you to save up to 10% on your fuel costs in the long run.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Your Access Toolbox Edition tonneau cover is made in the USA with premium and high-quality materials. It is also engineered with rip-stop technology to make it tough and durable. It is authentic and the ultimate choice for your work truck.

Support rails at the base for extra weight

Support rails at the base for extra weight

The Access Toolbox tonneau cover is also attached to support rods at the bottom. These are in turn attached firmly to the truck bed rails. They make sure that the cover stays in place and does not bulge when there is extra weight on it, such as that of snow and rainwater.

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