How To Install Fender Flares

Are you a Do-it-yourselfer? Do you want to improve the appearance or help maintain the value of your vehicle? Then consider installing fender flares on your car or truck. Fender flares are placed around the wheel wells of vehicles to provide protection from mud, water, kicked up rocks, or other road debris. They are often used by outdoor / off-roading enthusiasts. They are easy to install and do not require a lot of specialized knowledge to mount on your car or truck. Some models of fender flares can even be custom painted to match the finish of your vehicle.

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Bushwacker Fender Flares

What Are Fender Flares?

Fender flares are an extension of a vehicle's fenders. They provide extra coverage for heavily offset or oversized tires and wheels. They act as a form of protection against water, mud, rocks, and other debris that your car may kick up. They protect your car, the vehicles around you, and even pedestrians along the roadside.

Finding the Right Set of Fender Flares

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If you're in the market for a new set of fender flares, has a massive inventory from which to choose, covering nearly all trucks and SUVs on the market.

It's important to select the right type of fender flares. For example, if you have a Jeep, you will need a different fender flare set than if you drove a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Tacoma. Your first priority should be to find a set of flares that is made for your vehicle.

Be aware, some manufacturers sell flares in sets of four, others in sets of two. To avoid mistakes and surprises, carefully read the manufacturer's listing for the fender flare set you purchase.

Most flares are plastic, others are made from ABS and polyurethane. Be sure that any flares you use can withstand constant exposure to UV rays. Exposure to UV rays will cause some plastics to wear out over long periods, damaging the flares and aging them prematurely.

Another important consideration is the size of the flares you will need. If you only need a cosmetic fix for your car or truck, then any size will be fine. But, if you need protection from rocks and debris, then you need to check that the flares extend far enough beyond the edge of the fender itself.

When looking at the different fender flares available, you will find that most of are black. The majority of companies sell fender flares that are paintable, and others may offer OEM colors. Unless you intend to keep your fender flares black, do not purchase any that do not specifically say that they can be painted.  If you want painted flares without the hassle of painting them yourself, click here to browse our selection of pre-painted fender flares, matched to your truck's exact color.

Finding a set of fender flares to enhance and protect your vehicle can be done easily, though you will have to ensure that the set you purchase matches your expectations. Remember that some sets are purely cosmetic, while others provide tremendous protection in the off-road environment. Be sure to find a set that meets your needs.

How Are Fender Flares Installed?

Fender Flare Installation

It is a relatively easy process to install your own fender flares, and the process of installing all four fender flares shouldn't take more than an hour. Every model is different and may have small, but unique requirements; so be sure to read the manufacturer's directions thoroughly before beginning. While most flares can be installed fairly quickly, some installations can take longer.

Some manufacturer's have "no-drill" applications (for example: TrueEdge Pocket/Bolt and TrueEdge Street Style) - in these cases, the instructions below will differ.  Please reference the manufacturer's installation instructions on how to install your new set of fender flares.  Your new set may require additional steps not detailed below.

  • If your vehicle already has fender flares installed, unbolt them from your vehicle. Usually they are mounted on the backside of the fender using bolts. You can gain access to them by reaching behind fender.
  • Check the fit of your new fender flares by laying them against the body of your vehicle. If they fit correctly, the bottom edge will align with the bottom of your vehicle's fender and the front will snuggly fit against the bumper. Note: If your vehicle did not originally have fender flares, you may need to drill holes in the body of your car or truck. Use the template that comes with your fender flare kit and reference your install sheet.
  • Most fender flare kits include double-sided automotive-strength tape which provides additional mounting security. Adhere the double-sided foam tape to the backside of the fender flare, but do not expose the second side of the tape until you are ready to install the fender flares. When are you ready to install the fender flare, peel off the other side of the tape and place the fender on your vehicle so the holes in flare align with the holes in the body of your car or truck.
  • Place bolts through the holes and tighten them securely.
  • Repeat these steps for each fender.

As you can see, installing your own fender flares is relatively easy and can usually be done fairly quickly. Spruce up your vehicle's exterior or give it the extra bit of protection it needs and install some fender flares today.

Bushwacker Installation Video

Available Fender Flare Lines

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 Bolted LookStreet / OEM LookExtended LookFor Jeeps
Bushwacker Boss Pocket
OE Style
Street Style
Extend-A-Fender Flat Style
EGR USA Bolt-On Look OEM Look Rugged Look  
TrueEdge Fender Flares* Pocket/Bolt OE Style
Street Style
Lund Elite RX Rivet SX Sport EX ExtraWide  
* Available pre-painted any color