BAK BAKFlip CS-F1 Tonneau Cover

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  • Truck bed and sliding rack system
  • Rack can be locked in any desired position
  • Slides off or behind cab when rack is not needed
  • Backed with a 2 year warranty

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BAK Tonneau Covers Comparison

BAK Cover Style Material Finish/Look Weight/Rating
(Evenly Distributed)
Warranty Price
BAKFlip G2 Hard Folding Aluminum Semi-Gloss 300 lbs. 2 Years $749.88+
BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Aluminum Matte 400 lbs 3 Years $899.88+
BAKFlip FiberMax Hard Folding Fiberglass High-Gloss 300 lbs 2 Years $839.88+
BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Fiberglass High-Gloss 400 lbs 3 Years $929.88+
BAKFlip VP Hard Folding Vinyl Vinyl 250 lbs 1 Year $719.88+
Revolver X2 Rolling Aluminum Rugged 400 lbs. 3 Years $819.88+
RollBak Retractable Aluminum Rugged 400 lbs. 2 Years $1,029.88+
BAKFlip CS Rack Integrated Hard Folding Aluminum Rugged 500 lbs Rack 2 Years $1,471.74+
BAKFlip CS/F1 Rack Integrated Hard Folding Fiberglass High-Gloss 500 lbs Rack 3 Years $1,679.29+


The BAK BAKFlip CS-F1 series of tonneau covers is designed for contractors in mind. The expert craftsmanship and proven durability is what draws consumers to this particular product line. Not only are BAK Industries truck bed covers sleek in design, no drilling is required for installation. One person can handle the installation alone.

Tonneau covers are an ideal option for protecting the bed of your pickup truck. You can take the truck grocery shopping and keep all of the items carefully secured in the bed. This folding truck bed cover also has multiple configuration options to ensure that every load is hauled safely. BAK Industries installs safety features into every tonneau cover to ensure that it stays locked in place at all times.

  • Rated the World’s Strongest Tonneau Cover
  • BAK has been manufacturing industry leading tonneau covers for over 25 years
  • Corrosion-free, rust-free, fade-resistant construction
  • Lightweight to handle, strong in performance
  • Ultimate protection with multiple configuration possibilities
  • Aircraft-grade materials used

Rail-Integrated Tonneau Cover

The BAK BAKFlip CS-F1 Folding Tonneau Cover includes a rail system. This helps contractors configure the rail system for each type of material they are hauling to the job site. The rail system can also act as a base for building a secondary platform for storing frequently used work materials.

This system is just as strong and durable as the tonneau cover itself.

Ultimate Truck Bed Protection

Protect your truck bed from the elements of nature. Storm debris often collects in the bed of your truck and scratches the paint. As the metal is exposed, it becomes vulnerable to rain and snow. Increased exposure to rain and snow often causes rust. Keep the bed of your truck rust-free with the protection of a tonneau cover.

Another risk factor of leaving the bed of your truck uncovered is that the collection of rain and snow adds weight that is unevenly distributed in the bed of your truck. This causes weight shifting and can lead to the cause of an accident.

BAK Specific Materials

BAK Industries has developed a specific combination of materials specifically for manufacturing their products. The base of the BAKFlip CS-F1 tonneau cover is aluminum material. This aluminum has an EPS core which helps strengthen the metal. Hardened fiberglass is also used. This material is impact resistant, meaning that it will not crack under the pressure of additional weight.

Within the construction is aircraft-grade aluminum. This adds strength and durability to the tonneau cover and rail system.

In terms of the hinging system, BAK uses EPDM rubber for the hinges. This material is corrosion-free. It is also designed to last the test of time and thousands of openings and closings of the folding truck bed cover.

The exterior of BAK CS-F1 is black-powder coated for protection and strength. Additional coatings, such as epoxy, are applied for additional strength and product protection for years of exposure to the elements without failure. 

The amount of attention to deal that BAK takes into picking the right blend of materials, baking coatings on and inspecting each cover before it ships out is why they are an industry leader.

Made to be Durable and Long Lasting

The materials developed specifically by BAK Industries for use in making tonneau covers and rail systems are long lasting and durable. They are designed to last for the life of your vehicle while taking regular beatings from heavy materials and the weather.

The construction includes a UV protectant that helps prevent the tonneau cover from fading or chalking from sun exposure, even in extreme heat.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The only tool you need to install this BAKFlip CS-F1 tonneau cover is a 15mm wrench. The frame clamps to your truck bed securely without drilling a single hole. The wrench is required to tighten the rail system in place. Installation takes a minimal amount of time.

Included with the materials for installation is a detailed installation instruction guide. This guide helps you through each step of the installation process to ensure that the BAKFlip CS-F1 tonneau cover is properly secured. 

BAK Limited Warranty

BAK Industries offers a 2-year limited warranty on all BAKFlip product line items. The warranty covers manufacturer error and material failures only. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, natural disaster damage or damage from an auto accident.  The warranty also does not cover damage from improper use of the product. BAK requires that all products be registered on their website to be eligible for warranty replacement of products. BAK does not honor warranty claims on products purchased from any source other an authorized dealer. 

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BAK has a 1 year limited warranty on all products and a 2 year limited warranty on BakFlip HD, F1 and the RollBak G2. BAK's warranty covers factory caused damage and not damage caused by consumer or by random acts of nature.

Warranty registration and factory support is only available for BAK Industries products purchased as new through an Authorized BAK Industries dealer.

Products purchased at discounted rates on auction sites such as Ebay and Craigslist, to name a few, will not be covered under factory warranty under any circumstance. BAK Industries is unable to verify whether products sold through Auction Sites are new, used, or refurbished, and as such, we are unfortunately unable to warranty such purchases. We advise using caution when buying through auction sites as you'll be doing so at your own risk.

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