Curt Buyer's Guide | Trailer Hitches, Goosenecks, Towing & Hauling Equipment

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    The "go to" brand for top notch towing & hauling equipment.

    Curt produces towing & hauling equipment for nearly every vehicle on the road, making them the "go to" brand for towing & hauling. If it's towing you want, Curt has you covered with gooseneck hitches, 5th wheel and weight distribution hitches, and all kinds of towing & hauling accessories.


Gooseneck Trailer Hitches

Curt Under-Bed Double Lock Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

Under-Bed Double Lock Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

A gooseneck trailer hitch that delivers powerful towing and style at the same time. You can have all the truck bed space with this when not in use. Or even if it's in use! This also installs easily so you don't have to worry. One of the best things to enhance your towing!

  • Double lock system
  • 2 5/16” trailer ball
  • Flip-and-store ball
  • Chrome-plated trim ring

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Trailer Hitches

Curt Class I 1.25 in. Receiver Hitch

Class I 1.25 in. Receiver Hitch

For smaller and lighter towing, this trailer hitch will make your towing life so much easier. You can guarantee that this will last you for a very long time. It is also stylish and very easy to clean. Installing this trailer hitch will only take you less than an hour.

  • Constructed with round-table main body
  • High-gloss black powder-coat finish
  • Strengthened with a cast, welded, seamless collar
  • Comes with an open-back receiver

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Curt Class II 1.25 in. Receiver Hitch

Class II 1.25 in. Receiver Hitch

Designed for small trailers and compact cars, this trailer will give you the towing power that you need. You can also use this to hitch bike racks and others to make hauling items easier even with only a full-size car. Installing this will only take you less than an hour.

  • Features powder-coat finish
  • 1 1/4” or 2” receiver tubes
  • Comes with receiver open back-end
  • Easy to install

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Curt Class III 2 in. Receiver Hitch

Class III 2 in. Receiver Hitch

Designed for full pickup trucks & SUVs, this trailer hitch will do the trick. Strong and capable, you can have the towing power that you need and at the same time, not worry about it getting damaged, thanks to its Bonderite powder-coat finish. Installing this is a breeze as well.

  • Receiver tubes come in 1 1/4” or 2” sizes
  • Durable powder-coat finish
  • Available in custom colours
  • Easy to install

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Curt Class III Mount Receiver Hitch

Class III Mount Receiver Hitch

Looking for a front hitch? This trailer hitch will allow you to mount equipment or even a trailer for more space or efficiency. Its tough construction guarantees long-lasting use making it worth the money. Plus, you don't have to break a sweat installing this, its no-drill installation will have it ready for you in no time!

  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Equipped with open-back receiver
  • 2” receiver tube
  • No-drill installation

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Curt Class III Multi-Fit Receiver Hitch

Class III Multi-Fit Receiver Hitch

If you've given up looking for a trailer hitch for your vehicle, don't give up yet! Because this trailer hitch can be just the answer to your dreams! It has great capacity and you can also combine it with another weight distribution system yo be able to tow more! Isn't that amazing?

  • High gloss black powder-coating
  • Features open back receiver
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy to install

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Curt Class IV 2 in. Receiver Hitch

Class IV 2 in. Receiver Hitch

If you want to tow bigger trailers, this trailer hitch is the one that you should use. With its powerful design and construction, rest assured that you will have powerful towing with this installed. Plus, you can also extend its weight capacity in combination with a weight distribution hitch and add more accessories to it!

  • Constructed from an all-American steel
  • High gloss black powder-coat finish
  • Receiver tube is 1 1/4” or 2”
  • Easy to install

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Curt Class V 2 in. Xtra Duty Hitch

Class V 2 in. Xtra Duty Hitch

For heavy-duty towing, this trailer hitch is the one for you. It has a huge capacity that is even expandable to let you tow more! Made from durable steel that will last for years and protected by powder-coating finish, you are making a good investment with this one that you will not regret!

  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Carbide powder-coat finish
  • Features wide safety chain openings
  • Equipped with open back receiver

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Curt Class V 2.5 in. Commercial Duty Hitch

Class V 2.5 in. Commercial Duty Hitch

Designed for heavy-duty towing, this trailer hitch will deliver to you powerful towing like no other. Meant for daily use and gives you the opportunity to add accessories to it for more functionality. With its solid construction and protection, this will last you for years, making it worth every penny.

  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel
  • Comes with wide safety chain openings
  • Comes with an open-back receiver
  • Black powder-coat finish

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Mount Kits

Curt 5th Wheel Custom Bracket Kit

5th Wheel Custom Bracket Kit

Ensure that solid attachment of your beautiful RV to your truck with the 5th wheel trailer hitch bracket. Its solid material and its tough finish guaranteed that it will not only be a solid foundation for your hitch but it will also last you for years. Although drilling is required, you can expect an easy installation.

  • Designed to work with Curt’s universal fifth wheel base rails
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Easy installation
  • Rust resistant

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Curt 600 Series Gooseneck Hitch Install Kit

600 Series Gooseneck Hitch Install Kit

These brackets promised to give you powerful towing. Its reliability will make your towing so much easier and more conveniently. It's one of the things that you should definitely invest on especially if you want to turn your vehicle into a towing workhorse. This is worth every penny and you are going to appreciate it!

  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • Made from tough steel material
  • Easy to install

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Curt Under-Bed Double Lock Gooseneck Install Kit

Under-Bed Double Lock Gooseneck Install Kit

Make sure that you get sure footing and solid strength for your hitch before you attach your trailer and you can do that more conveniently with the use of this install kit. Made from tough material that is built to last, this increases your towing power & makes installation so much easier!

  • Constructed from sturdy stainless steel
  • Black powder-coat finish
  • Includes mounting brackets
  • Includes grade 8 mounting hardware

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Wiring & Harnesses

Curt Brake Control Adapter Harness

Brake Control Adapter Harness

Designed for convenience, this wire harness allows flexible installation and to let you directly plug it into your vehicle's power system. No need to tinker with wires or anything, this is easy as 1-2-3 and you can have it ready in less than 10 minutes. Now, isn't that a good addition?

  • Wire colors match standard brake control harnesses
  • Includes 24” of 12 gauge wire
  • Slit-loom sleeve
  • Quick plug harness for easy and fast installation

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Curt 4-Way Square Plug Wiring Extension

4-Way Square Plug Wiring Extension

Take full control over your trailer's brake controller with this trailer wire connector. It is designed to give you power and at the same time, comes with all the right features to ensure convenience. This trailer wire connector is very easy to install and it will only take you a couple of minutes.

  • Wire colors match standard brake control harnesses
  • Comes with 24” of 12-gauge wire
  • Includes slit loom sleeve
  • Easy to install

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Curt 7-Way Extension Harness For 5th Wheel And Gooseneck

7-Way Extension Harness For 5th Wheel And Gooseneck

For an easy connection between your trailer and your truck, this trailer wire connector is the answer to everything. Plus its plug-and-play design will make it so much easier for you to install. You don't have to cut or splice with this and you can have it ready in no time!

  • 7-way harness
  • 10” extension
  • Includes right-angle plug
  • Plug-and-play design

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Curt 7-Way LED Trailer Light Adapter

7-Way LED Trailer Light Adapter

For that easy connection that will allow you to power up your trailer LEDs, this adapter is the answer to your prayers. No need to go through mismatched trailer plugs because when you have this, everything becomes possible. It's so easy to install and you will have it ready in no time!

  • 7-way
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Comes with spring-loaded dust cover
  • Built-in integrated resistors

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Curt 7-Way USCAR Electrical Connector

7-Way USCAR Electrical Connector

Designed to provide solid connection and power to several parts of your vehicle or trailer, this is wire connector that you need. It is sturdy and is rust resistant to guarantee you long-lasting use. You also don't have to go through the hassle of installation because you will find this very easy to install!

  • Comes with 24” color-coded, bonded wires
  • Rust-resistant
  • Made from black plastic
  • Easy to install

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Curt Custom Wiring Connector

Custom Wiring Connector

For a strong trailer connector, this one from Curt is a great choice. It's a 6-way connector that is powered by innovative technology that increases performance. At the same time, it is very durable, which means that you will be able to make use of this for a long period of time.

  • Powered by SMT Technology
  • 6-way
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Quick and easy installation

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Curt Custom Wiring Harness

Custom Wiring Harness

For a high quality trailer connector that will last, you can't go wrong with the Curt custom wiring harness. It boasts of a simple design that delivers convenience. You don't have to worry about installing this because it will only take you a couple of minutes to do so and next thing you know, you're ready to tow!

  • Simple plug-and-play design
  • 6-way connects tail, brake, turn signals, electric brakes and auxiliary power
  • Comes with slit loom
  • Plugs into vehicle tail light assembly

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Curt OEM Vehicle To Trailer Connector w/Harness

OEM Vehicle To Trailer Connector w/Harness

This trailer wire connector is guaranteed to last you for years, thanks to its tough construction and is powered by SMT. This means that you can expect increased performance and a reliable vehicle-trailer connection. You can also guarantee that this will only take you just a couple of minutes to install, thanks to its simple plug-and-play design.

  • Features SMT technology
  • Tough construction
  • 4-way flat output
  • Simple plug-and-play design

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Curt Trailer Tow Wire Relay

Trailer Tow Wire Relay

Built for Nissan's non-factory-installed tow package, this comes with 2 blue small relays and one brown one. This is for applications that require over-protection. You can guarantee that this trailer relay will last you for a long time, thanks to its solid construction. You won't go wrong with this one!

  • Includes two small blue relays
  • Includes one large brown relay
  • Made for certain years of the Nissan Armada & Nissan Titan
  • Activates 12-volt power circuit

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Curt Trailer Wiring Kit

Trailer Wiring Kit

Although you need to do some splicing to plug this in, rest assured that you will have a great connection between your vehicle and trailer. With this, you also get to ensure safe towing. So, what are you waiting for? Have a reliable vehicle-trailer connection now with this trailer wire harness!

  • 20” of 12 gauge cross-linked wire
  • Comes with in-line fuse holder, ATC10 fuse, 3/8” ring terminal, 12-10 gauge butt connector, 8 6” cable ties and one 14 1/2” cable tie
  • Designed for use with battery-powered electrical converters
  • Tough construction

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Other Parts

Curt 5th Wheel Universal Base Rails

5th Wheel Universal Base Rails

To ensure that your trailer is safely mounted in your truck bed, having this truck bed side rail is essential. Its solid construction ensures that you get that solid mounting point for more confident and safer towing. The rail is also protected in black carbide powder-coating that resists harmful elements.

  • Tough construction
  • Protected by black carbide powder coat
  • Includes mounting bolts, two base rails and four universal brackets
  • Quick installation

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Audi (1978-2018)

100, 100 Quattro, 4000 Quattro, 5000, A3, A3 Quattro, A4, A4 allroad, A4 Quattro, A5, A5 Quattro, A5 Sportback, A6, A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8 Quattro, allroad, Allroad Quattro, Q3, Q3 Quattro, Q5, Q7, S4, TT Quattro

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Buick (1976-2018)

Allure, Cascada, Century, Commercial Chassis, Electra, Enclave, Encore, Envision, Estate Wagon, LaCrosse, LeSabre, Lucerne, Park Avenue, Rainier, Regal, Rendezvous, Riviera, Roadmaster, Skylark, Somerset Regal, Terraza, Verano

Cadillac (1992-2018)

ATS, CT6, CTS, DeVille, DTS, Eldorado, Escalade, Escalade ESV, Escalade EXT, Seville, SRX, STS, XT5, XTS

Chevrolet (1961-2018)

Astro, Avalanche, Avalanche 1500, Avalanche 2500, Aveo, Aveo5, Beretta, Blazer, Bolt EV, Brookwood, C10, C10 Pickup, C10 Suburban, C1500, C1500 Suburban, C20, C20 Pickup, C20 Suburban, C2500, C2500 Suburban, C30, C30 Pickup, C3500, Camaro, Caprice, Captiva Sport, Cavalier, City Express, Classic, Cobalt, Colorado, Corsica, Corvette, Cruze, Cruze Limited, El Camino, Equinox, Express 1500, Express 2500, Express 3500, G10, G20, G30, HHR, Impala, Impala Limited, K10, K10 Pickup, K10 Suburban, K1500, K1500 Suburban, K20, K20 Pickup, K20 Suburban, K2500, K2500 Suburban, K30, K30 Pickup, K3500, K5 Blazer, Lumina, Lumina APV, Malibu, Malibu Limited, Monte Carlo, Optra, Orlando, R10, R10 Suburban, R1500 Suburban, R20, R20 Suburban, R2500, R2500 Suburban, R30, R3500, S10, S10 Blazer, Silverado 1500, Silverado 1500 Classic, Silverado 1500 HD, Silverado 1500 HD Classic, Silverado 2500, Silverado 2500 HD, Silverado 2500 HD Classic, Silverado 3500, Silverado 3500 Classic, Silverado 3500 HD, Sonic, Spark, Spark EV, SS, Suburban, Suburban 1500, Suburban 2500, Suburban 3500 HD, Tahoe, Tracker, Trailblazer, Trailblazer EXT, Traverse, Trax, Uplander, V10, V10 Suburban, V1500 Suburban, V20, V20 Suburban, V2500 Suburban, V30, V3500, Venture, Volt

Chrysler (1986-2018)

200, 300, 300M, Aspen, Cirrus, Concorde, Imperial, LeBaron, LHS, New Yorker, Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Sebring, Town & Country, Voyager

Daewoo (2000-2002)


Daihatsu (1990-1992)


Dodge (1967-2018)

Avenger, B100, B150, B1500, B200, B250, B2500, B300, B350, B3500, Caliber, Caravan, CB300, Challenger, Charger, Colt, D100, D100 Pickup, D100 Series, D150, D200, D200 Pickup, D200 Series, D250, D300, D300 Pickup, D300 Series, D350, D50, Dakota, Dart, Durango, Dynasty, Grand Caravan, Intrepid, Journey, M300, M350, Magnum, Neon, Nitro, Power Ram 50, Raider, Ram 1500, Ram 1500 Van, Ram 2500, Ram 2500 Van, Ram 3500, Ram 3500 Van, Ram 50, Ramcharger, RD200, Spirit, Sprinter 2500, Sprinter 3500, Stealth, Stratus, W100, W100 Pickup, W100 Series, W150, W200, W200 Pickup, W200 Series, W250, W300, W300 Pickup, W300 Series, W350, Wm300 Pickup

Eagle (1989-1998)

Summit, Talon, Vision

Fiat (2012-2017)

124 Spider, 500, 500L, 500X

Ford (1963-2018)

Aerostar, Aspire, Bronco, Bronco II, C-Max, Contour, Country Squire, Crown Victoria, E-100 Econoline, E-100 Econoline Club Wagon, E-150, E-150 Club Wagon, E-150 Econoline, E-150 Econoline Club Wagon, E-250, E-250 Econoline, E-250 Econoline Club Wagon, E-350 Club Wagon, E-350 Econoline, E-350 Econoline Club Wagon, E-350 Super Duty, Edge, Escape, Escort, Excursion, Expedition, Explorer, Explorer Sport, Explorer Sport Trac, F-100, F-150, F-150 Heritage, F-250, F-250 HD, F-250 Super Duty, F-350, F-350 Super Duty, F-500, Festiva, Fiesta, Five Hundred, Flex, Focus, Freestar, Freestyle, Fusion, LTD, LTD Crown Victoria, Mustang, Police Interceptor Sedan, Police Interceptor Utility, Probe, Ranger, Special Service Police Sedan, Taurus, Taurus X, Tempo, Thunderbird, Transit Connect, Transit-150, Transit-250, Transit-350, Transit-350 HD, Windstar

Freightliner (2003-2016)

Sprinter 2500, Sprinter 3500

Genesis (2017-2018)


Geo (1989-1997)

Metro, Prizm, Storm, Tracker

GMC (1962-2018)

1000 Series, 1500 Series, 2500 Series, Acadia, Acadia Limited, C15, C15 Suburban, C15/C1500 Pickup, C15/C1500 Suburban, C1500, C1500 Suburban, C25, C25 Suburban, C25/C2500 Pickup, C25/C2500 Suburban, C2500, C2500 Suburban, C35, C35/C3500 Pickup, C3500, Canyon, Envoy, Envoy XL, Envoy XUV, G15, G1500, G25, G2500, G35, G3500, Jimmy, K15, K15 Suburban, K15/K1500 Pickup, K15/K1500 Suburban, K1500, K1500 Suburban, K25, K25 Suburban, K25/K2500 Pickup, K25/K2500 Suburban, K2500, K2500 Suburban, K35, K35/K3500 Pickup, K3500, R1500, R2500, R3500, S15, S15 Jimmy, Safari, Savana 1500, Savana 2500, Savana 3500, Sierra 1500, Sierra 1500 Classic, Sierra 1500 HD, Sierra 1500 HD Classic, Sierra 2500, Sierra 2500 HD, Sierra 2500 HD Classic, Sierra 3500, Sierra 3500 Classic, Sierra 3500 HD, Sonoma, Syclone, Terrain, Tracker, V1500, V2500, V3500, Yukon, Yukon XL, Yukon XL 1500, Yukon XL 2500

Honda (1983-2018)

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Hummer (2003-2010)

H2, H3, H3T

Hyundai (1989-2018)

Accent, Azera, Elantra, Elantra Coupe, Elantra GT, Entourage, Excel, Genesis, Genesis Coupe, Ioniq, Santa Fe, Santa Fe XL, Scoupe, Sonata, Tiburon, Tucson, Veloster, Veracruz, XG300, XG350

Infiniti (1990-2018)

EX35, EX37, FX35, FX37, FX45, FX50, G20, G25, G35, G37, I30, I35, J30, JX35, M30, M37, Q45, Q50, Q60, Q70, Q70L, QX30, QX4, QX50, QX56, QX60, QX70, QX80

International (1971-1980)

Scout II

Isuzu (1988-2008)

Amigo, Ascender, Axiom, Hombre, i-280, i-290, i-350, i-370, Oasis, Pickup, Rodeo, Rodeo Sport, Stylus, Trooper, VehiCROSS

Jaguar (1975-2018)

F-Pace, S-Type, Vanden Plas, X-Type, XF, XJ12, XJ6, XJ8, XJR, XJS, XK8, XKR

Jeep (1976-2018)

Cherokee, CJ5, CJ7, Comanche, Commander, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Grand Wagoneer, Liberty, Patriot, Renegade, TJ, Wagoneer, Wrangler

Kia (1995-2018)

Amanti, Borrego, Cadenza, Forte, Forte Koup, Forte5, Magentis, Niro, Optima, Rio, Rio5, Rondo, Sedona, Sephia, Sorento, Soul, Soul EV, Spectra, Spectra5, Sportage

Land Rover (1998-2017)

Discovery, Discovery Sport, Freelander, LR2, LR3, LR4, Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport

Lexus (1990-2017)

CT200h, ES250, ES300, ES300h, ES330, ES350, GS300, GS350, GS400, GS430, GS450h, GX460, GX470, HS250h, IS Turbo, IS200t, IS250, IS300, IS350, LS400, LS430, LS460, LS600h, LX450, LX470, LX570, NX200t, NX300h, RX300, RX330, RX350, RX400h, RX450h, SC300, SC400

Lincoln (1980-2018)

Aviator, Continental, LS, Mark LT, Mark VI, Mark VIII, MKC, MKS, MKT, MKX, MKZ, Navigator, Town Car, Zephyr

Mazda (1981-2018)

2, 3, 3 Sport, 323, 5, 6, 626, 929, B2000, B2200, B2300, B2500, B2600, B3000, B4000, CX-3, CX-5, CX-7, CX-9, Miata, MPV, MX-3, MX-5 Miata, MX-6, Navajo, Protege, Protege5, RX-7, RX-8, Tribute

Mercedes-Benz (1974-2018)

190D, 190E, 230, 240D, 280, 280C, 280CE, 280E, 280S, 280SE, 300CD, 300CE, 300D, 300E, 300SD, 300SDL, 300SE, 300SEL, 300SL, 300TD, 300TE, 350SD, 350SDL, 380SE, 380SEC, 380SEL, 380SL, 400E, 400SE, 400SEL, 420SEL, 450SE, 450SEL, 450SL, 450SLC, 500SEC, 500SEL, 500SL, 560SEC, 560SEL, 560SL, 600SEC, 600SEL, 600SL, C220, C230, C240, C280, C300, C320, C350, C36 AMG, C43 AMG, CL500, CL600, CLA250, CLK320, CLK350, CLK430, CLK500, CLK55 AMG, CLK550, E300, E320, E350, E420, E430, E500, E55 AMG, E550, E63 AMG, E63 AMG S, G500, G55 AMG, G550, GL350, GL450, GL550, GLA250, GLA45 AMG, GLC300, GLE350, GLE350d, GLK250, GLK350, GLS550, Metris, ML320, ML350, ML430, ML450, ML500, ML55 AMG, ML550, ML63 AMG, R320, R350, R500, S320, S350, S420, S430, S500, S55 AMG, S550, S600, S65 AMG, SL320, SL500, SL600, SLK230, SLK250, SLK32 AMG, SLK320, Sprinter 2500, Sprinter 3500

Mercury (1979-2011)

Colony Park, Cougar, Grand Marquis, Lynx, Marauder, Mariner, Milan, Montego, Monterey, Mountaineer, Mystique, Sable, Topaz, Tracer, Villager

Mini (2002-2018)

Cooper, Cooper Clubman, Cooper Countryman, Cooper Paceman

Mitsubishi (1983-2018)

3000GT, Diamante, Eclipse, Endeavor, Expo, Expo LRV, Galant, Lancer, Mirage, Mirage G4, Montero, Montero Sport, Outlander, Outlander Sport, Precis, Raider, RVR, Sigma, Van

Nissan (1979-2018)

200SX, 240SX, 280ZX, 300ZX, 350Z, Altima, Armada, Cube, D21, Frontier, Juke, Leaf, Maxima, Micra, Murano, NV1500, NV200, NV2500, NV3500, NX, Pathfinder, Pathfinder Armada, Pickup, Pulsar, Pulsar NX, Quest, Rogue, Rogue Select, Rogue Sport, Sentra, Stanza, Titan, Titan XD, Versa, Versa Note, X-Trail, Xterra

Oldsmobile (1977-2004)

88, 98, Achieva, Alero, Aurora, Bravada, Custom Cruiser, Cutlass, Cutlass Calais, Cutlass Ciera, Cutlass Supreme, Delta 88, Intrigue, Regency, Silhouette

Peugeot (1980-1988)


Plymouth (1984-2001)

Acclaim, Breeze, Colt, Grand Voyager, Laser, Neon, Voyager

Pontiac (1978-2010)

6000, Aztek, Bonneville, Fiero, Firebird, G3, G3 Wave, G5, G6, G8, Grand Am, Grand Prix, GTO, LeMans, Montana, Parisienne, Pursuit, Solstice, Sunfire, Torrent, Trans Sport, Vibe

Porsche (1977-2017)

911, 924, 944, Cayenne, Macan

Ram (2011-2018)

1500, 2500, 3500, C/V, Dakota, ProMaster 1500, ProMaster 2500, ProMaster 3500, ProMaster City

Saab (1981-2011)

9-2X, 9-3, 9-3X, 9-5, 9-7x, 900, 9000

Saturn (1991-2010)

Astra, Aura, Ion, L100, L200, L300, LS, LS1, LS2, LW1, LW2, LW200, LW300, Outlook, Relay, SC, SC1, SC2, Sky, SL, SL1, SL2, SW1, SW2, Vue

Scion (2004-2016)

FR-S, iA, iM, iQ, tC, xA, xB, xD

Smart (2008-2015)


Sterling (1987-1991)

825, 827

Subaru (1985-2018)

B9 Tribeca, Baja, BRZ, Crosstrek, DL, Forester, GL, GL-10, Impreza, Justy, Legacy, Loyale, Outback, RX, Tribeca, WRX, WRX STI, XT, XV Crosstrek

Suzuki (1986-2013)

Aerio, Equator, Forenza, Grand Vitara, Kizashi, Reno, Samurai, Sidekick, Swift, SX4, Verona, Vitara, XL-7

Tesla (2010)


Toyota (1979-2018)

4Runner, 86, Avalon, C-HR, Camry, Celica, Corolla, Corolla iM, Corona, Cressida, Echo, FJ Cruiser, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Matrix, MR2, Paseo, Pickup, Previa, Prius, Prius C, Prius Plug-In, Prius Prime, Prius V, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Solara, Starlet, Supra, T100, Tacoma, Tercel, Tundra, Van, Venza, Yaris, Yaris iA

Volkswagen (1968-2018)

Atlas, Beetle, Cabrio, Cabriolet, Campmobile, CC, Corrado, Eos, EuroVan, Fox, Golf, Golf Alltrack, Golf City, Golf R, Golf SportWagen, GTI, Jetta, Jetta City, Passat, Passat CC, Quantum, Rabbit, Rabbit Convertible, Rabbit Pickup, Routan, Scirocco, Super Beetle, Tiguan, Touareg, Transporter, Vanagon

Volvo (1974-2018)

142, 144, 145, 164, 240, 244, 245, 264, 265, 740, 745, 760, 780, 850, 940, 960, C30, C70, S40, S60, S70, S80, S90, V40, V50, V60, V60 Cross Country, V70, V90, XC60, XC70, XC90

VPG (2011-2012)